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  • 3502 Color problem

    I have a 3502 which was purchased second hand and was tanked up and balanced prior to Christmas and prints put through. It has sat for 3 weeks because of hold ups, now (after replacing chemistry) when I do a set up, it appears as though the yellow is off-line by approx 2cm to the side (19.5mm) ! We get a "blue" strip down one side of the setup strip, and the triangle on the leading edge of the daily setup strip has a yellow triangle 19.5mm to the right of it?
    Unfortunately I am just coming to grips with this machine. I assume it is something to do with the laser/alignment?

    Advantage of being on the other side of the world, I can research and edit while the rest of the world is sleeping- it seems that this is a color synchronous problem...? Thanks to the ghosting in the passport example is exactly what I get.
    I dont get any error messages or codes however.
    I have checked the connections on the AOM's etc,-no improvement. I havent swapped AOM's yet however. (Only two AOMs on thsi machine- manual shows 3??) What is the likelihood of failed AOM or is it likely to be more serious- ie the laser itself?

    Can a technician repair this on-site (if its the laser) or is that a workshop job?

    Great timing as this store was to open on Monday!!

    Thanks in anticipation
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    If to place aside all sad thoughts about a defective laser - the most probable cause is a defective blue AOM driver.
    You should check it first. Moreover there is no laser error.
    Swap as I described and you will get the clear result.

    If you will have no difference in color shift it means that your blue laser module needs to be repaired.
    P.S. Also reconnect all wire contact of AOM drivers and see the result.


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      Yes agree with Yustas.
      Either a faulty blue AOM or a worn out blue laser.

      The 35 series does not have a red AOM driver. just has 2, one for green and one for blue.
      If the laser unit is faulty it cannot be repaired on site, it has to be sent off to be repaired by one of the laser repair experts.

      Good luck, lets hope it is just a faulty AOM driver.


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        Thanks you for the advice, have taken it and changed the AOM's around and got a yellow/green print but with the colours registered correctly- so assume the AOM is the suspect one didnt fire up on the green laser for the quick test after the change around? Do they normally fail progressively or do they go suddenly?

        I expect the replacement to arrive tomorrow- are there any special steps after replacing it other than the initial paper setup etc?

        Also, is there a rule of thumb for the service life of the number of prints or age of machine, exposure time etc

        Many thanks


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          AOM drivers fail in various different ways. Some you get colour shifting, some go weak and give you bad synchronization, some fail altogether and give no exposure for that particular colour. The 24K version seemed to be the least reliable.

          Yes, just replace and do the initial setup.

          Laser life is approx 10,000 hours, which normally works out to be roughly 5 years. It's normally the Blue laser that fails first.
          But things like rough transportation of the machine and weak AOM drivers can shorten that time.

          I recommend you check the laser condition with the laser diagnostic test software. The higher the percentage before it fails generally the more worn out the laser is, but faulty AOM drivers will also cause the percentage to increase.


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            I dare to add a small correction to NH reply: Laser diagnostic software does not show the condition of laser. It was developed for test the condition of a AOM crystal and AOM driver in one chain.
            There is no way to control the condition of a laser in QSS labs except of its current measurement.
            Having this values it is easy to understand when it will die.


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              interesting discussion..hope the problem will be solved soon..thanks all for the support..kodakman ,please let everyone know the problem is solved or of luck..


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                A new AOM has not improved this problem!! The AOM on the blue laser was what looks like the new type also- ie different to the green AOM which is the Panasonic type. I have checked and reconnected all the connections while I was changing it over. Precisely no difference. :-) So we open the store with a dye sub printer and get the laser repaired!!
                What is the turnaround time in workshop, and does anyone have end-user experience with any of the companies offering this service who can give comment? Obviously cost is a factor, but efficiency and speed are also important to me.


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                  I replied to your inquire to PM and e-mail.
                  Please read and response.


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                    Attachment Attachment Attachment Attachment

                    I thought I would post a single continuous history of this issue with pictures for any further comment before packing up the laser for an overseas holiday.
                    The full history is this:
                    The lab was bought second hand at auction in July 2011. Service history is unknown.
                    From the laser history, the Laser Accumulated time is Blue 1710hrs
                    Red 2755
                    Green 2853

                    Polygon Mirror operation 15,335
                    Total print count is 1,198,286
                    It stayed in storage until around the 10th December.
                    I tanked it up and setup and balanced the papers all ok.
                    It then sat unused and another daily setup was done on the 29/12 which went okay.

                    It sat for another 2 weeks till one of my staff tried to do a daily set up and the test print colour was wrong- pink/blue ish- but colors in alignment.. She entered the values even though the system alarmed that it couldn’t be read, and she attempted to manually read it.
                    I inspected the prints and machine the next day. I decided to replace the chemistry- the bleach was very muddy and was also concerned about oxidation of developer after just sitting for that time etc.

                    When I attempted to do a daily setup, I got the setup strip with the 19mm blue strip on the left side and actual prints with yellow out of alignment/synch.
                    I would have restored a backup at this point if I had one- unfortunately I didnt!!

                    I contacted the forum as above and followed advice given here.
                    I checked (removed and replaced) all connections to the AOM’s
                    No change.

                    There is no error codes given by the system software

                    I swapped the Blue and Green AOMs around.
                    Then I got the prints that are very yellow with green color as well- but the yellow was in alignment.I took that as confirmation that the AOM was the problem.

                    I ordered a new AOM from Fuji.
                    I put the new AOM on the blue and put the Green AOM back in its original position as well.
                    I got the setup strip with a blue band down the left side again, exactly the same as originally.
                    I rechecked all the connections, and the result was the same.

                    I ran the laser analysis software with the new AOM installed on the blue laser.
                    It said there was an unclassified fault on the blue laser.

                    I then assumed it must be the laser.
                    Any further comments before packing the laser off for a trip somewhere exotic?
                    Many thanks
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                      Looking through more attentievly your final description of the error I can say that there may present the issue of AOM crystal.
                      look: you have no laser errors - it means the system does not detect any problem with laser emission.

                      Also lab does not have any device like human eye which control the quality of a ready picture.
                      So we can assume that the problem is not a blue laser module but BLUE AOM CRYSTAL.

                      If so there is a good news for topic starter: the cost of repair is much less. :-)
                      But in this case we need to get the whole optic unit to us to replace the crystal and make all neccessary works on alignment matter.