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  • QSS 3011 - Paper Transporter not working


    Everything started from a short power interruption...

    Initially i realised that i have a problem, when i noticed that the tank solution was not heating any more...

    I noticed that if i start the machine without the computer, the heaters were doing the job, i finally managed to get the right temperatures....

    But now i have the following problem!

    When i start the machine i have no error displayed, so i try to print a test photo... it loads the paper but the paper processor fail to start!

    Also i check the PCB J390912, and when the transporter was working they were all leds on, but now LED11,10,9 is off when is supposed to be on... also sometimes for one second or two, all leds light on and the paper transporter rotates for few seconds and they asoon as the leds are fading out, paper processor stop!

    Any idea what may cause this?

    Thank you in advance!

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    LED's 9, 10 & 11 are for the heaters, they will only be on when the heater is heating up. And will turn off and on to maintain the correct temperature.

    Check the green LED's are lit
    LED 7 on the processor relay PCB J390912
    LED 9 & 10 on the processor I/O PCB J306946

    If LED 7 & 10 are not lit the problem will probably be the power supply PS-1 (PWS700)
    If LED 9 is not lit the problem will probably be the power supply PS-2 (ZT-170-522)

    If all the green LED's are lit, check the voltages are correct on the processor I/O PCB
    TP1- TPG1 +5Vdc
    TP2- TPG2 +24Vdc

    If the voltages are correct, please list all of the LED statuses on both the processor I/O PCB and the processor relay PCB.


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      First of all thank you for replying...

      The current minilab state is: The processing solution temperatures are being adjusted

      developer is not rising up

      I checked all what you wrote all is functional

      here are the current leds state

      for board J390912

      There are 2 states:

      State 1:

      LED 1 2 5 6 are OFF, rest on

      STATE 2 FOR 1 minute after that is back to state1:

      LED 1 is off, all the other leds are on

      for board 306946

      one state : led 1 2 3 6 are OFF, rest of the leds on

      I also checked the fuses all of them seem fine, i don`t know if there is a right procedure how to check them, all of them i am sure were making contact from one side to the other!

      What can be?


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        Sorry i forgot to add something i was in this states, after i decrease manually the temeperature for developer to reach the lvl to start the machine up, i printed 10 pictures and the paper transporter stoped in the middle of the process only 5 pictures went out....

        I switched off the machine

        Here are the new led state situation:

        When the machine is starting all leds on!

        Computer starting all leds on

        I am in this state processing solution....

        After 3 minutes

        LED 1 2 5 6 SWITCH OFF

        After another 5 minutes

        all leds, less led 1 are on for 30 seconds, then switch back the previous state

        Thank you


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          For J390912
          LED 1 is for the drive motor, it will only light when the drive motor is on.

          LED 2, 4, 5 & 6 are for the dryer, and will only be on when the dryer is on.

          Check the interlock switch for the processor upper cover is working correctly, if you have an ohm metre, you should get a reading of around zero ohms between pin 1 & 3 on plug P650. If you don’t have a metre as a test, put a shorting link (paper clip etc) between pins 1 & 3 on plug J/P650, if the drive now runs normally, the interlock switch will be faulty.

          Try testing all the functions of the paper processor in output check mode, to see what is running and what is not running.

          For example when you operate the CD heater LED 9 should come on.


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            Thank you for your support!

            The problem was the main circuit breaker outside machine, when was the short power intreruption, i was supposed to have 2 lines of 220v, but only 1 line of 220 was working, so btw S1-S2 was only 20V instead of 220! now everything is working...