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  • Please help, dirty prints from my Noritsu 3001

    It only happens in the first print when the minilab has been not working for a while. The lines of dirt match the guides in the rollers and crossovers. I have cleaned the crossovers overnight, with warm water. I have changed the strabilizer and the bleach-fix, but the problem is still there. What is wrong?

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    The most likely cause is Algae growing on the STB crossover racks.
    To kill the algae and stop it growing back again, soak the crossovers 3-6 in a big bucket with water with some household bleach added, leave overnight. Then thoroughly rinse the crossovers in clean water to wash off the bleach.
    You may need to do the same with the STB racks too.


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      I purchased my minilabs from a used minilab reseler in France. They told me that they use regular car engine degreaser (for rollers) and acid muriatic (for the gears and other hard part) to clean the racks. But they told me to be careful with the acid muriatic.

      Fill up an external container with acid muriatic, place the rack (without the rollers) inside the container. Sink it. Leave it there for 3 hours. WARNING, if you forget about the rack, it will eventually melt!!!!!
      After the 3 hours, empty the acid and fill up the container with water and detergent (dishwashing detergent). Put the rack inside and shake it every 10 minutes, for 1 minute, for a total of 1 hour. This is important to remove any leftovers of the acid.

      I have been doing this since I bought the Noritsu 2301 and my racks are impecable.
      For the rollers, just spray the degreaser and wash it until the stains are gone. Repeat as many times as needed. Remember to keep the rollers deeped in water and soap after cleaning.

      I hope this helps you