Dear colleagues,

I am glad to invite all of you to our booth № 7-408 to Moscow (14-18 of April 2011) where Moscow Photo Fair is going to be held and where we are going to present our newly developed product.

You will be the first who will see our laser|"laser heads" for any minilab which have been developed by our specialists and we will be proud to present them for any visitors.

I want to explain the meaning of this news:
We do not repair used laser heads made by Showa or Shimadzu and sell it. No...

We developed our own custom-made LASER\"LASER heads" which suit for type A/A1 and type B/B1 lasers of Noritsu and at the same time suit for Fujifilm labs.
They have their own laser drivers and can be easily replaced in a short time.

We give 1,5 year warranty period for each laser head.

Just imagine:
Now you can have this laser\laser head as a spare part and in case of your laser malfunction you will be able to replace it by yourself or by means of any professional technician and go on printing pictures without any huge time delays.

I hope this visit will be very useful for all professionals who being waited this evolutionary occasion for a long time.

So you are welcome!