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2901 Magazine Registration- Red,yellow,black

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  • 2901 Magazine Registration- Red,yellow,black

    I am having a problem I cant resolve so far. when doing the 12in paper registration (Fuji PD) the initial print looks "normal" but the subsequent prints appear red toned with yellow bars and solid black as per the attached.
    This has occured in he past and moving the type and registration to another magazine number used to enable it to complete satisfactorily, but nothing I do enables any progress.
    We relocated the machine and have new chems, are in control. Have tr-done the paper type setups (on 6in) but I cant get the 12in PD (our type 2) to setup and register on any magazine number as it goes as per the attached images.

    Any wisdom from the forum?

    I am contempating restoring data from earlier but wonder at the cause and if it will recurr

    Also how selective can a data backup/restore be? Can just the paper setup and/or magazine registrations be restored without disturbing the channels ? If so which files? I have been in the habit of doing service backups to HDD at after satisfactory full setup after milestone events - just in case, but if there is a known cause it wil still need to be addresed.
    Thanks in advance