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  • CCD Check Error

    Hello, I am getting the 6313-0051 (CCD Check error) when trying to perform the daily setup or scanner light registration. We can still print from digital files but the negative scanner pauses as the film is fed in and then halts until it eventually throws u p an error. We also get the 6310-0055 Scanner Area Registration Error. Uniformity Calibration now also produces error 6088-0024 (Uniformity Correction Error).
    We have previously replaced the Scanner/AFC PCB but this new error has just occured. Is there a common link joining the Scanner/AFC errors and ARCNET errors and tis new scanner error?
    A changed over the Scanner unit today with no improvement.
    Will be trying with a new scanner lamp tomorrow.
    Is there something I have missed or that someone can suggest?Power Supply? Scanner lamp?

    Hoping for some wisdom on this.
    Many thanks