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  • Spots on negatives from minilab

    I am having this issue where my T15RA is leaving spots down the center of my negatives. I've had the issue since I bought the machine used several months back. The spots are barely visible to the naked eye. I have to hold the film up to the light just right in order to see them, but they are definitely visible on the scans. Weirdly they only happen on Portra and Ektar, too, I'm guessing because of the film base of those films. I'm also guessing it is stabiler related, because the spots come off if I rinse the film good enough. It happens with fresh chemicals or not. It happens if I just have water in the stb tanks. It happens when I swap the dryer rack out with another one. I've taken apart the racks and cleaned them. The filters are new. I've changed the crossover racks. I've cleaned the circulation pumps. The circulation is moving. I've flushed the tanks too many times to count. Even so, it seems like every week or two I get more little, hard deposits in the stab tanks.Today I rans some bleach water through the three stab tanks for about ten minutes and flushed them. The second tank had a bunch of gunk come out that I'm guessing was algae. I'm attaching two pics. One of the spots on the negatives. They are really hard to see, but you can see them around the lights behind the negatives. The other pic is a crop of what the spots look like on a scan.