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  • 5508 Procession Solution Level Is too Low

    Our QSS-3011 has this error: 5508 Procession Solution Level Is too Low.
    We made everything: float sensors checked, F29 fuse OK.
    I attached a picture. Everything is fine except the solution level.
    What's next?

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    Check all the float switch connections using a resistance meter.
    Most likely there is a faulty float switch.


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      Try swapping the float sensors from other solutions and that way you will rule out failure of the sensors. or change the processor control PCB.


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        Thank You all! I think the BF sensor is out. I used a resistance meter and only there was no resistance between pins 5 and 6. Hopefully on monday I'll get a used switch and I can try. I'll write after that.
        Can we get repaired the switch or we need to buy a new one? The shipping is 60 days from Japan to Hungary...
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          You can join pins together as a temporary measure to get up and running until you get the part.
          I stress temporary because this is a safety device, if the heater does not switch off for some reason this will detect the tank getting too hot and will cut the voltage going to the heater.

          I doubt it can be repaired as it's designed to be sealed, it will be very difficult to get it apart without destroying it.
          A used float switch will be fine, you don't need to buy a new one.
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            One black and a red or the two red?


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              The wires are in pairs.

              Pin 1 & 3 (Blue Wires) are for the solution level sensor (bottom float switch)
              Pin 4 & 5 (Black Wires) are for the refilling level sensor (top float switch)
              Pin 6 & 8 (Red Wires) are for the safety thermostat.

              You need to measure between the 2 blue wires with the resistance meter, there should be close to zero ohms with the bottom float in the up position.

              The same goes for the 2 black wires with the top float in the up position.

              The red wires should be close to zero ohms.

              So it depends on which colour wires you have the problem with as to which ones you need to join.


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                Thank you again! The only solution was a new (used) switch. It arrived today and works fine!