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  • This topic by LASEREPAIR has been deleted by Photo Lab Team
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    Location: Austin, Texas, USA.
    We repair all types of Noritsu laser units.
    Phone +1-512-695-2690
    (Central Time Zone, GMT-06:00)

    Please note, most of companies found in the net do Repair exchange with Noritsu or just collect lasers for a few engineers who really repair them.

    Our service established 2005. We do repair ourselves, quick turnaround guaranteed. We do repair for many American, European, Asian and African distributors. About 200 units have been repaired succesfully in last two years. We are well-known worldwide as "russian guy who repair Noritsu lasers". If you already repaired your laser please take a look on top cover, if you see LASEREPAIR, it means your laser came from us, irrespective of where did you send it for.

    Call us if you need professional and quick help.

    Your personal optronic engineer

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    final price and terms for..
    ertan yigit
    from turkey noritsu tech.service


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      I know the laser repair guru Dmitry from Laserlab International in Austin, TX . Here is my story.

      In the summer of 2008, I purchased a Noritsu 3101 with a Laser Type "A". I was a new owner of a lab that when delivered by the shipping company didn't secure the minilab in the truck. The laser deck was damaged because of strong vibrations from traveling the bumpy road and potholes. After Noritsu company diagnosed my problem (The blue laser needed to be replaced) their cost estimate was between $32,000 -$38,000 USD. Noritsu was out of stock on this item. I was horrified because I hadn't even printed one print from my used minilab. It was a great machine as it was working the day before the delivery to my place.

      I was out of business before I even started. I talked to many companies and finally settled on Holo Spectrum in California. I was frantic and excited that someone would even take my case, but soon learned that Holo didn't have experience in dealing with my Noritsu laser Type A. In my desperation I found a laser repair in the forum and a link to a website in Germany. After email exchange, I got in touch with Dmity, the real laser repair professional for Noritsu minilab.

      I shipped my laser to Dmitry after an unsuccessful repair from Holo and within two days my laser deck was successfully repaired. Laser International saved my business. Dmitry you helped an independent entrepeneur provide for his family. And I didn't miss Christmas business. Thanks man!

      If anyone needs their deck repaired by someone who actually knows what they are doing, don't hesitate to get in touch with Dmitry at Laserlab Intenational. I have printed thousands of photos as I am a school photographer without any problems. By the way, I was able to talk directly to Dmity and he answered. That company should be role model for any company with this type of specialized repair.

      John Cox - 1st Class Photos - Chicago, IL


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        Sorry folks, I only paid $5,000.00 for this repair and no hidden fees or anything. If you need your laser repaired, don't hesitate to use Dmitry at Laserlab International in Texas


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          Dear Customers,

          Glad to inform you that LASEREPAIR web-site has been moved due to bad reputation of old hoster.

          It's accessible now:



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            we have problum green gun is not working it is repare?


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              We have recently used Dmitry from Laserepair to repair the laser from our Noritsu 3202. He did a great job with super fast turn around, and got us up and running with minimal downtime. We were able to print out our Christmas rush orders and keep our customers happy. Thanks Dmitry!
              Pro-Set Imaging


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                Dear Customers,

                Let me to introduce you new feature on our web-site.

                Get everyday's Noritsu Service Password instantly on

                Service floppy or re-calculation no longer needed.

                Thank you!


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                  We have repaired several laser units with Dmitry from Laserepair for Noritsu 3001/3101. He really did a wonderful job with those laser units with a very quick time and he's extremely knowledgeable with great support through mail u'll get the reply same day! I'm really happy with the service/quality and timing! Thank you Dmitry.


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                    I can guaranteed Dmitry of Laserepiar he has repair 30,32,33 series laser units for me and they are all printing fine.


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                      The Laser unit on my Noritsu 3311 was burnt out and after contacting Noritsu was given an estimate of $12,500.00 for a refurb unit. Then a friend referred me to Dmitry of Laser Repair. I called him and he instructed me to send it overnght which I did on April 1, 2010. I was amazed when he called the same day he received it, saying it was repaired. I arranged for payment and he had it shipped out the very next day. I am making this posting now as the machine has been printing beautifully for 3 weeks.

                      Dmitry is a no-nonsense Professional, offering quick repair turnaround and guarantees his work. I would not hesitate to contact him. Thank you Dmitry.

                      DenLab, Jamaica.


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                        Please read this important information: Beware of cheap unqualified 'repairs':


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                            I might have QSS30 series laser Type B for sale. Condition: just refurbished. Warranty: 6 months. If somebody would be interested - we could launch this.



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                              Here is my story of how I found Dmitry and Laser Repair.
                              Just before school season this year I started having trouble with my Noritsu 3311. A noritsu tech came take a look and told us that it need a new laser and that we should get in touch with the sales department because our equipment is just to old to repair.
                              Our machine is 5 years old.
                              After talking with the sales people who all wanted us to spend 30 thousand on new equipment, I began to look for someone who could repair the laser. I found Dmitry on Google.
                              After an email message to him he let me know he was on vacation and out of the country but would let me know when he returned.
                              In the mean time, I am sitting on 5000 school packages that need printing. Dymitry emailed me as soon as he booked his flight home and I sent the laser to him that day.
                              Within a week I had it back. I called Noritsu to reinstall it. The tech was having trouble getting it to work, we kept getting a message that the laser temp was adjusting. He was ready to remove it, convinced it was not repaired, when I called Dymitry. Dymitry talked to the tech, told him what to do, now our machine is running perfectly.
                              Thanks for the great work. You saved us a ton of money.
                              Let us know when you want to come to the Mardi Gras and we will be glad to have you here. Thanks Again !!