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  • Getting blue prints when changing rolls of same emulsion number. qss3211

    I'm running into a recurring problem when changing paper in the middle of a job in net order mode. (Fuji Crystal Archive Type PDII on QSS3211) After changing the paper and restarting the job the prints start coming out blue-tinted. I run a setup print and it comes out blue. I run another setup which comes out red. Then the 3rd setup is normal and the rest of the prints turn out fine.

    This is happening with rolls of the same emulsion number. Sometimes the prints will shift back to normal after a few prints. I thought it might be light leaking into the darkroom but I can't see a line where it shifts from blue back to normal. It shifts from one print to the next, and sometimes it will fix itself after a couple prints and sometimes not at all.

    Anyway, the 3 setup prints seem to fix the problem but it's rather annoying and time-consuming. Any ideas.


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    Are you sure it is not shifting between red and cyan rather than red and blue?

    I would suspect the red AOM driver is causing the colour shift problems.

    You can try swapping the red AOM driver with the green AOM driver, if the prints now start shifting between green and magenta, the AOM driver will defiantly be the cause of your problem.


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      Could be cyan, I'm getting correction values of something like (from memory) Y: 2.8, M: 2.8, C: 0 for the first setup. Then the second red setup print is Y: 2.8, M: 0, C: 2.8 or something like that. It's pretty consistent each time and the level of tinting is about the same each time, too. I've been told that we had shifts like this mid-roll before as well but I've only seen it after changing rolls.


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        The machine never gives a cyan correction.
        To reduce cyan it will give a correction of + to yellow and + to magenta.
        To add cyan it will gave a correction of – to yellow and – to magenta.

        Try swapping the AOM drivers around as I suggested earlier then you will know for sure if this is the problem.


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          As an addition to all recommendation given by Noritsu Help - check the paper magazine. Sometimes your problem may happen if connector is wrong and registered channel mismatch. But this is IMHO and sometimes this check can help. ;-)


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            I am also agree with Yustas....It seems Magazines some time mismatch coz the problem occured only when a paper change has been done. It may possible that Magazines does not fit properly after replacing the paper.
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              Nice theory guys! But in practice the machine will ask for the correct magazine to be put in if it reads the magazine code incorrectly.

              For example the magazine in use is 152(1) then machine reads it incorrectly as 152(2) it will say set magazine 152(1) it will not print on 152(2).
              The only exception to this is if paper 1 is set to 152(1) and paper 2 is set to 152(2) in the print channel. Which in my experience is rarely done.

              Also unless 152(1) and 152(2) are on completely different paper types the balance should be very close between them and not give huge corrections like 2.8 on the Y & M.

              Sometimes just the delay in changing the paper is enough for the AOM driver to cool down and cause the colour shift.

              As is often the case people rarely post back to say what the problem was after it was fixed so we will probably never know! :-)


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                Originally posted by Noritsu Help View Post
                As is often the case people rarely post back to say what the problem was after it was fixed so we will probably never know! :-)


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                  Sorry I haven't gotten back yet, I forgot to mention that this happens with other paper types/magazines as well. I don't know if that rules the magazine out or not. I looked into swapping the AOM drivers but it was a bigger procedure than I thought so I have to put it off until next week. Is it safe to rule out the paper/emulsion as a cause at this point?

                  Thanks again! This is one of the most informative forums Ive come across.


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                    So I swapped the red and green AOM drivers this morning and now I'm getting green prints so I looks like the red driver was the cause. I guess I'm in the market for a new AOM driver. Thanks again guys!


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                      We always have on stock new AOM drivers.
                      See PM please with our offer.


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                        I believe you can buy cheaper reconditioned AOM if you give your in exchange. Or did you solve your problem by now.