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  • 3011 startup loop

    Hi All,
    My Noritsu 3011 QSS single magazine has developed this crazy thing and is not able to load QSS software. As soon as the windows finishes loading and it is QSS time to be loaded I get this error window saying "invalid device ID detected, wait several seconds, then restart" with grayed out "ok" button, so you can not click the ok.
    It will sit on this window for a few minutes and will restart and go thru the same process over and over again. For the past 2-3 weeks it would come up with the same error message but with on difference that the "ok" button was ACTIVE and I would click it and it will continue working normally. But it has been three days that my 3011 printer is 100% none operational due to this issue.
    I have read many forum posts about this and have done a lot of tests with no luck.
    _I can log into safe mode when rebooting, and there is no error message.
    _when I check the device Mgr I have the problematic "LVDS (PIO) Driver (multi CPU Support)", "Archnet Driver (multi CPU Support)" and "other PCI bridge device" errors indicated by 3 yellow exclamation mark.
    _The Lvds driver check shows that Noritsu driver is installed.
    _The Archnet driver check shows that noritsu driver is installed.
    _The PCI Bridge shows that no driver is needed or installed.
    _ I have all needed software CD's, Floppy etc.
    _ ONE AT A TIME, I have disconnected 2nd hard drive, CD drive, floppy drive, zip drive, multi card reader, PCI Bridge, Archnet PCI, LVDS PCI, Digital ICE and then restarted the machine trying to pin point the drives in question with no luck.
    _ for some reason I do not have the Noritsu diagnostic program in my machine !!!
    _In safe mode I used the " last known good config" and it messed up a lot of drivers like audio, monitor, CD etc but I was able to fix those later.
    _ I have re-seat and clean all the memory modules on main ctrl pcb? right bellow the digital ICE..
    _ I have re-seat and clean all the memory modules on Mother board.
    _ I have replaced HD's flat cable with one from a parts machine.
    _I have cleaned all air filters and neighboring areas.
    _I have 2gig of rambus in this machine, its very fast but dead.
    _Running windows 2000
    _I have all 8 LEDs on all the time on on that pcb.
    _I have re-seat the fiber optics on the pcb and strangely enough
    _One white cable was connected to the white terminal on the board, second white cable was connected to ta Black terminal on the board .
    _One black cable was connected to the white terminal on the board, second black cable was connected to the black terminal on the board . THIS WAS A WORKING MACHINE WITH THESE CONFIG.
    _I have matched all the colors on these fiber optics and the terminals on the pci board with no luck. THIS IS TROUBLING AND A BIG Question mark for me !!
    _I can load QSS in safe mode but get the Archnet and Main PCB error and then it hangs and requires a forced manual restart.
    _In normal boot sequence it even communicated with the scanner unit trying to recognize the neg carrier and then it quits.
    _No. 6820-#### Image Processing PCB operation error
    _No. 6901-0080 ARCNET Com. error (image processor PCB)
    _No 6902-0002 LVDS Com. error (image processor PCB) ARE THE EXACT ERROR MESSAGES.
    _Original Mouse and keyboard, small keyboard, monitor driver, all working OK.
    I have checked both hard drives with the utility available in startup, no errors.
    _I have reinstalled main sys software F001 ( the newest one I have )
    _I have NOT checked the 3.3 and 5.5 voltages yet.
    _I have NOT re-seat/clean the other end of the fiber optic cables yet.
    _I have NOT replaced the motherboard bios ? Battery.
    I might have missed?forgotten a few steps but here was the Main_Frame LOL
    Other than the last 3 items that I mentioned I am open to any and all suggestions that you may have and it will be greatly appreciated.
    If any one is available for a phone cal here is my number 818-566-4400 in Southern California USA time zone, Pacific time or +8GMT