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  • 3101 Crossover roller types

    It looks like there are 4 types of crossover rollers:

    1) soft squeegee for exiting dev and entering final crossover
    2) rubber roller for most of middle crossovers
    3) hard roller (plastic?) that seems to be on dev into bleach crossover
    4) cloth rollers for exiting into dryer and coming into developer? dev ones have notches in them?

    Our cloth covered rollers on the final crossover where it exits into the dryer have delaminated - the cloth part slides off the roller. I ordered some - part # A087420-00 which I got from my 3202s parts manual as it was handy - and I think they are the same. The rollers that I received are rubber - I can't tell if this is what they are now, and the cloth type is old and no longer used, or if they just sent me the wrong roller. I kind of think they sent the wrong roller but I don't see anything to identify the roller itself.

    Should the exit rollers on the final crossover of a 32 or 31 be rubber? or should they have a cloth-like finish? I think they are cloth as they stay dry and the rubber will melt.

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    There are far more than 4 types of roller!
    Yes the exit side of the last crossover (No.9) should have grey felt/cloth type rollers. The part number you quoted is correct.

    No the exit rollers on final crossover should not be rubber. The entrance rollers to the last crossover are blue soft squeegee rubber on the 31 series and a softish grey rubber on the 32 series.

    So yes it looks like they have sent you the wrong rollers, however there is no danger of any of the roller types melting, On some machines all 4 rollers are the blue soft squeegee type. As long as it's not giving you any drying marks or wet prints, the roller type is not so important.


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      Supplier is saying they are the right number, just chinese rather than original... he says they will be fine, I'll give them a shot but I think there will be roller marks.

      We'll see!

      It does seems like someone sure put a LOT of thought into what each roller should be - I imagine there are all kinds of `after market` configurations out there. In the last couple months we have had 2 different rollers completely disintegrate, plus these two on the last crossover that sort of came apart.


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        Hi Ron, don't mean to side track this thread, but I have a question.

        The cloth exit rollers on the final crossover also have (for us) a tendency to get a hard, yellowish, layer of chems right on the seam line and grows from there.
        Is there any way to eliminate this issue ? Or is roller replacement the only option ?


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          we see that too. Also noticed that the water cleaning track (on the lid) on one side was clogged, and that was the side that had the most buildup on the roller.

          We've had some luck soaking them, some of it comes out.

          I don't think the build up is photo chemicals, I think it is hard water stains/calcium. If you have better water you get less build up.