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  • AFC-II negative carrier onto 2901

    Can anyone advise or confirm if the AFC-II negative carrier from the 3301 will work on the 2901 ??
    I have 3 faulty original AFC carriers with varying faults but have an opportunity for a low mileage AFC-II and was wondering about compatibility? Can anyone assist?
    Thanks in advance R

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    Yes the AFC-II is compatible with the 2901. Just remove the lens from the bottom of the AFC for use on the 2901.


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      Many thanks for that. Great news!.

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    Have received the AFC-II. It is throwing up error msg 1406-08 Remove Film from 240 lane. I assume this is a sensor failure- though wondering how to identify which one?
    I have gone into setup/input checks and note the VEI sensor is flagged as dark..... Coul dthis be the issue? which is the VEI sensor? If this cannot be remedied is there a way to bypass/permanently ignore msges from the 240 lane as it is probably unlikely to be used much or at all?
    Thanks in anticipation


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      1406-0008 means DX sensor 1 turns dark. Go to service mode. Then make AFC backup ( write AFC service data to floppy, or some other source ) . Then go to various adjustment, film carrier adjustment. There select 240 lane. Look setting values for 240 DX intensity and DX1 sensitivity. Set there maximal values ( 255 ) and enter new settings. If after that you can cancel error then your carrier is working. Can return original values and on the same menu ( F options ) make sensor calibrations. If something wrong ( have calibration error ) read AFC backup ( you did it before ) . If not going to use 240 lane can leave settings with maximal values.
      If with 255 values you can't cancel error then you have AFC hardware problem. Have to repair carrier. Many times I had to repair them.
      VEI is rotation sensor ( dark -light in sequence ) . Status depends on which position sensor stopped ( 50 % possibility ) . It is normally that it is dark or light when motor doesn't rotate.