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    I have an LS-600 Scanner and a Nortisu 3501 (not plus). Currently I use the scanner in stand alone mode and scan film through Photoshop. Then I save those files and transfer them to my printer. I'm considering buying a used version of EZ controller to make the whole process easier and quicker. I was wondering if EZ controller is helpful with other customer files as well. I have a few Photoshop Actions that I use on customer files, but if I could use EZ controller for that as well, it might help justify the cost.

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    Hello. Printing and scanning process is more comfortable on Ez controller than on Photopshop. On EZ controller you have typical Noritsu interface. Can work with 6 frames at the same time and have all correction option. Before process you can choose what to do - scan, index print, print pictures or all do all of them. On Ez controller can install be installed many optional software modules ( which where used on older Noritsu ) . and few modules designed for Ez controller. Latest EZ controller ( 6.60 ) can work on any Windows ( even Windows 10 x64 ) . Also have QSS printer 18 ( to run new minilabs ) , latest profile data ( for NET order and NPS minilabs ) . Have all optional modules ( ID print, frame print, multiframe, curve correction, color professional correction, pdf print and many other ) .
    To the same EZ controller can be connected Noritsu minilabs ( QSS3101-1 and all latter ) , Fuji minilabs ( 7xxx ) , all Noritsu dry printers, all Noritsu USB film scanners, some Fuji dry printers, Epson wide printers and DNP. At the same time can be connected 8 items. They can be divided into few groups and can choose default printer and scanner.
    Can offer these options :
    1. Regular Ez controller. You will need dongle to run it.
    2. Ez controller version 5, which works without dongle. Can install as many times, as you need. Version was designed to work on XP and Vista. It can work on W7 32, but was not designed for this system. Software has not all features, which has new.
    3. latest Ez controller ( 6.60 ) , which works without dongle, but needs activation online. It will be activated on one computer. Activation on additional computer will be cheaper.
    6.60 main advantages that it can work on new Windows, can open most camera RAW files, can open big size pictures ( older version can't do it - have decrease file size before opening ) , have better picture correction, supports more printers and etc.
    Write private message, if need some of them. I can help install software and make adjustments using Internet remote control software.


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      Dear Minilab Service
      Please i would like to know which Exactly E.Zcontroller version can work without dongle on window xp.
      I have Version 5.01, 5.50, 5.60, 5.70, 5.80. from these version if any one can work without dongle hope if i connect lps or d703 machine will wrok without any problem
      Looking forward from you