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  • 3501 Problems with ARCNET

    Hi, I need help with the ARCNET errors of my Noritsu 3501. I have no communication of anything. Neither AFC Scanner, nor Laser nor Processor nor Printer. I have cut the ends of all the fibers, cleaned the connectors, all power supplies are OK. In the menu "system version check" the connections appear as failed. I have the trick of pulling fiber cables one by one and waiting for the OK connections, when you get it you know that the connection that is failing is the cable you have out of its connector. I have done it and nothing has worked either. I also see that he does not read me the meters of paper nor the temperatures.
    I put photos of different screens in case it helps.
    Does anyone know what may be happening to me ?.

    Many thanks in advance and forgive me my English so bad.

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    I don't know everything, and only have an older 2901, so forgive me if I am wrong, but

    If ALL of them are not communicating, does your machine have an ARCNET hub ?
    Is it connected ?

    Is your ARCnet pcb displaying "working" in device manager ?


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      I think so. In my managed devices there is a PCI/F (MULTI CPU) I assume is the pci board of the ARCNET. Also I changed the slot and nothing.
      It is suspected that the temperatures are at zero and the beeping of the errors does not sound. But the processor does heat up. However from the outputs I can not move anything from the machine and the inputs do not change either opening or closing doors or doing anything.

      Thank you very much for your interest.


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        At this point, best answer would be to wait for other more technical users to respond.

        Since there is little user activity on this forum, maybe post your problem here as well ?

        Apologies to the forum if this is not allowed. Just wanted to make sure this user got a response to his problem quickly.


        • vazma
          vazma commented
          Editing a comment
          Thank you very much. I will do it.

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        How did you cut the ends of the fibre optic cables?
        They must be cut squarely with a very sharp blade.

        Check there is not any debris blocking the fibre optic ports.

        The reason the machine is not giving you the magazine paper remaining and temperature values is because the PC is unable to communicate with the printer via the fibre optic network.

        What is the history of this problem?
        Did it just stop communicating one day?
        Was it after some maintenance had been done, if so what was done?


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          Thank you very much for your time.

          I went in the morning to connect it. Since that moment we have not yet been able to work with her.
          I was convinced that if we had cut a fiber badly, in the "System Version Check" menu, when removing that pair of cables on the scanner board, the other devices would give me OK. Not should be that ?
          Would there be any way to check the PCI card of the PC (J391179) ?. Voltages appear to be fine, 1.5; 2.5; 3.3; And 5V. I've also changed the slot and nothing. But with no sign of life between PC and machine I thought that could be a reason.

          Thank you again for your interest and your time.


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            Run ARCNET test software. At least you should see connection between computer and laser control pcb. Only this board connected to computer directly. All other goes through ARCNET hub, which is on laser control pcb.
            If you have not connection between computer and laser control pcb then can be faulty PCI/ARCNET board on computer, laser control pcb or connections. You can disconnect scanner ARCNET cables ( from laser control pcb ) and connect them to computer board directly. Then run ARCNET test software. This time you should see connection with scanner. This way you will test PCI/ARCNET interface.


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              The ARCNET test software is compatible with the 3501 ?. I have installed it but in the list of compatible machines the 3501 does not appear to me. Can it be used with another model?

              Again, thank you very much


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                Hello. New version has QSS35. Have to use QSS35xx for laser model. ARCNET test software works stand alone. You do not need to install it.


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                  I'm looking for that version but I can not find it. The version I have I downloaded from Minilab Laser but does not have the 35xx. Could you tell me where I can download or buy that version?
                  Thank you very much for your time. a greeting


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                    Okay, I saw it. The software is in my same machine and I am crazy looking everywhere. To kill me.